Locs Styling

Service                                         Price starts from

Front/Half Head                                  £5
Full Style                                              £10
Full Head + Style Ends                     £15
Single Plaits                                        £15
Pipe Cleaners                                     £20

Natural Hair

Service                                          Price starts from

Steam                                                     £20
Cornrows                                               £25
Single Plaits                                          £35
Two Strand Twists                                £45

A patch test must be done at least 48 hours before your appointment for bleach/colour
£5 savings offer on same day Bleach + Colour
Prices are based on the volume of hair and not length
​We use only Natural/Herbal products and non-flaking gel for twisting
Please do not encourage our stylists to do private jobs.


Service                                     Price starts from

Dye Ends                                         £15
Dye Roots                                        £15
Dye Full Head                                 £25
Highlights                                         £20
Bleach Ends                                    £25
Bleach Full                                       £40

Starting Locs

Service                                      Price starts from

Comb Twist                                     £45
Twist + Interlock                             £85
Loc Extensions                              £250
Instant Locs                                    £300

Locs Care

Service                                        Price starts from

Steam                                                 £15
Trim                                                     £15
Neaten Up & Style                           £25
Wash & Re-Twist                              £35
Wash & Inter-Lock                            £70

Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointments to avoid a £10.00 charge.

TEL: 0203 719 5707 / 07415 359 947

Caribbean Dreads 2 Portland Road South Norwood London SE25 4PF

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We advise you to come in for an assessment as every individual’s locs are different. However, an estimate price can be provided upon request over the phone.

The below are starting prices and will vary depending on individuals.